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About Lean + Agile / 2017

Blast off into the Agilesphere for DC’s brightest Agile Job Fair and Conference.  Join the fourth Annual Lean+Agile – a one-day event with ample opportunities for learning, networking and just hanging out with like-minded folks.

2017 theme:

Agile Beyond IT: To Agility and Beyond!

Our 2017 Conference features all aspects of Agile outside of IT, from boarding Space Shuttle #NoProjects to landing on Planet Lean, HR, Marketing, Finance and more. Put your flag down in our Agile job fair and connect with DC’s fresh Agile talent: ScrumMasters, Coaches, and Agilists in all fields beyond IT.

This year, we are hosting an Agile job fair.  Come network with DC area companies looking for ScrumMasters, Agilists and coaches.  Full lineup of job fair companies will be posted in early 2017.

Connect with Lean and Agile practitioners with backgrounds ranging from Lean Startup entrepreneurs to executives managing thousands of people through large-scale Agile transformations. Whether you’re new to Agile and Lean methods, a budding expert, or a seasoned vet, we’ll have something for you.  Bonus- If you’re a part of the Scrum Alliance, earn 8 SEUs!


Event / Details

Lean+Agile 2017
Agile Beyond IT: To Agility and Beyond!


Gone are the days where we can “throw things over the wall” to our customers.   Agile methods (Scrum, XP, Kanban, etc) have a growing intersection with the Lean Startup movement that is creating great excitement.  Lean Startup techniques are helping agile practitioners “get out the building” and perform customer development. Lean+Agile 2017 is a space to share solutions at the exciting intersection of Agile and Lean Startup methods.

We’re proud to present two incredible tracks of speakers surrounding topics of Agile Outside IT (Delivery) and Lean Startup (Discovery) for this year’s event. Check out both tracks of speakers below.


2017 Speakers /

Jim Goode

Senior Director, Technology Delivery Transformation, CapitalOne Financial Services

Carlos Rojas

Director Operations and Technology (O&T DevOps Tribe Leader), Fannie Mae

Elliot Susel

Head of Product for Paid Services, AOL

Joshua Seckel

Chief Engineer, WhiteHawk CEC, Inc

Ali Oliver-Krueger

Executive Artistic Director, InterAct Story Theater

Peter Oliver-Krueger

Managing Lean Agile Consultant, LitheSpeed

Leila Rao

Agilist, AgileXtended

Seda Goff

Founder at Lighthouse Global Business

John Hughes

Director, Agile Practice Lead at Sevatec

Rachel Whitt

Principal Consultant at Sevatec

Bart Vanderhaegen

Founder of PACTify, Management consultant, Speaker

Jason Hall

Agile Coach, LitheSpeed

Beth Wong

Director of Coaching, LitheSpeed

Cheryl Chamberlain

Sales and Operations, LitheSpeed

David Wernecke

Consumer Response Section Chief - Product, CFPB

Rich Pollio

Director, ESOL Services, Fairfax County Public Schools

Susan Wagoner

Project Support Coach, Fairfax County Public Schools

Rebecca Redman

Project Support Coach, Fairfax County Public Schools

Judd Quinio

Project Support Coach, Fairfax County Public Schools

Sean McBeth

Lead VR/AR Engineer, Notion Theory

Darren Hoevel

President, Agile Coach Pliant Solutions

Paula Thrasher

Director, Digital Services, CSRA

Savannah Rayat

Agile Coach, USAA

Teague Hopkins

Director of Growth, Trustify

Event Price /

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Ends 3-10-2017

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2017 Schedule /

Teague Hopkins and Elliot Susel

Start Learning Efficiently Now

Lean Startup methodologies have a reputation for being associated with technology projects, but their application goes far beyond software development.  In this session, we’ll demonstrate how you
Jim Goode

Agile Transformation at CapitalOne

CapitalOne recently conducted a retrospective on its own agile transformation and identified key priorities for continuing to optimize delivery. He will describe the company’s agile journey along with lessons
Susan, Rebecca, Judd, Rich

Agile Works for Fairfax County Public Schools

In 2015, Fairfax County Public Schools, Instructional Services Department began a  journey to use Agile project management to help solve persistent, resistant problems in
Savannah Rayat

Enhancing Your Life with Personal Agility

Personal Agility is a simple framework that allows you to focus on what really matters. Bringing the efficiencies that we've experienced in the IT world and expanding these practices
Bart Vanderhaegen

Triggering Engagement

Join Bart Vanderhaegen for his talk on what really drives engaging, cooperative behavior and how agile and lean frameworks trigger
Sanjiv Augustine


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