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About Lean + Agile / 2018

Join the fifth Annual Lean+Agile DC Conference – a one-day event with ample opportunities for learning, networking and just hanging out with like-minded folks.

2018 theme:

Agile Engineering and DevOps

The 5th annual Lean+Agile conference is a one-day conference hosting 150 DC-area Agile practitioners and two focused tracks of lean and agile speakers. Join for cutting edge conversation, expert sessions, and collaboration in open spaces.

The networking is strong here! Bring your resume because we also host an Agile job fair.  Our sponsors are DC area companies looking for ScrumMasters, Agilists and coaches.  Full lineup of job fair companies to come.

Connect with Lean and Agile practitioners with backgrounds ranging from Lean Startup entrepreneurs to executives managing thousands of people through large-scale Agile transformations. Whether you’re new to Agile and Lean methods or a seasoned vet, you’ll learn, grow and make connections at Lean+Agile DC.

2019 registration available late 2018

Event / Details

Lean+Agile 2018
Agile Engineering & DevOps


Get your gears turning.

From investigating the components of DevOps culture to deepening your Agile process adoption with Agile Engineering & Testing practices, we will learn, connect and get energized at Lean+Agile DC.

Speakers will share stories that shed light on their DevOps journeys while dispelling some of the common myths that surround DevOps adoption. Whether a team lead or executive, leave with new ideas and learnings to take back to your teams and organizations. Hear experience reports that touch upon key components of the continuous delivery pipeline, and how DevOps principles and practices have been applied to enable quicker, more predictable delivery of IT solutions with higher quality. Explore first-hand stories of how DevOps fosters deeper collaboration, communication and integration across organizational roles and silos.

This is a great event for both technical and non-technical folks as we’ll have sessions for everyone!

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2018 Speakers /

Jason Valentino

Director, Systems Operations/Automation - Mobile Engineering at Capital One

Steve Grunch

Branch Chief, Enterprise Cloud Services, DHS USCIS

Ramon Casillas

Vice President of Technology, Cvent

Carlos Rojas

Director Operations and Technology (O&T DevOps Tribe Leader), Fannie Mae

Jose Mingorance

Director of Technology (DevOps/Agile Engineering), Fannie Mae

Jeff Payne

CEO and Founder, Coveros

Anjali Leon

Principal Agile Coach and Consultant, Pragmatic Project Leadership

Simon Storm

Senior Director, Enterprise Applications

Paul Given

Director, CapTech Consulting

Scott Forbes

Director of Technical Program Management, Cvent

Ben Scott

Technical Manager and Technical Agile Coach, Ippon

Rachel Gaddis

Agile Coach, Ippon

Gabe Weaver

Chief Product Officer, Very

Bryan Aho

Agile Technical Coach, ICON Agility Services

Dan James

Agile/SAFe/DevOps Transformation Coach, ICON Agility Services

Dean Chanter

Sr. Manager, Release Train Engineer, Card Servicing Tech, Capital One

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Coming late 2018

2018 Schedule /

Jason Valentino

DevOps – A Change to Cultures, not Titles

The DevOps concept and its benefits tends to come naturally to small companies and startups. However, in larger organizations, adoption tends to flail against the company’s legacy culture, or
Ramon Casillas, Scott Forbes

Effective Agile in Rapid Growth Environments

Agile, and the many frameworks available to scale, provide a lot of insight on how to run large software development projects. However, there is not a lot of literature,
Anjali Leon

Create Flow: Boost Creativity and Performance

Recall a time when you were so involved in an activity that you lost all sense of time? Were you more engaged from the creativity that emerged? Were you
Gabe Weaver

Just Say No to Wagile

Even though your team has good intentions of utilizing methodologies and practices that increase your project’s agility, more often than not, within weeks you’ve slipped back into old habits.
Jason Valentino

DevOps – A Change to Cultures, not Titles

The DevOps concept and its benefits tends to come naturally to small companies and startups. However, in larger organizations, adoption tends to flail against the company’s legacy culture, or
Jose Mingorance, Carlos Rojas

Business Driven Agile Engineering

With the successful adoption of Agile and DevOps principles, industry has experienced the proliferation of frameworks covering a vast set of engineering practices which development teams are expected to

Ben Scott, Rachel Gaddis

Business Value Live!

We'll deliver an entire, full business story during this talk, and narrate step by step while we do it. When we're done, you'll be able to use a working
Jeff Payne

Tips and Techniques for Pairing Developers and Testers

Lots of attention has been given to pair programming since the inception of eXtreme Programming. While pairing developers is an effective technique for improving code quality and sharing knowledge,
Dan James & Bryan Aho

Extending DevOps to the Lean Enterprise

Icon DevOps coaches and trainers expose their Agile-at-Scale enterprise transformation strategy to reach a Release-on-Demand culture where everything important is measured, Quality is built-in, Time-to-Market is slashed, and Real
Simon Storm

Impressing Auditors with DevOps

This talks highlights how DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure as Code and Agile Portfolio Management, not only dramatically improves an IT organization’s throughput, but provides numerous regulatory, compliance

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