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About Lean + Agile / 2019

Make connections at Lean+Agile DC – a one-day event with ample opportunities for learning, networking and just hanging out with agile-minded folks.

2019 theme:

End to End Agile

The 6th annual Lean+Agile conference is a one-day conference and Agile job fair hosting DC-area Agile practitioners and two focused tracks of lean and agile speakers. Join for cutting edge conversation, expert sessions, and collaboration in open spaces.

The networking is strong here! Bring your resume because we also host an Agile job fair.  Our sponsors are DC area companies looking for ScrumMasters, Agilists and coaches.  Full lineup of job fair companies to come.

Connect with Lean and Agile practitioners with backgrounds ranging from Lean Startup entrepreneurs to executives managing thousands of people through large-scale Agile transformations. Whether you’re new to Agile and Lean methods or a seasoned vet, you’ll learn, grow and make connections at Lean+Agile DC.


Event / Details

Lean+Agile DC 2019: End-to-End Agility


Agile teams are capable of great things, but agile organizations can be so much more. Have you ever wondered how much further you could go if your executives really understood and embraced their role in driving agility? What if you could get feedback on your products within hours of developing them? Have you seen your IT delivery cycle outstrip the speed of your business partners? You’re not alone; many companies are facing these challenges and others that come from failing to create a smooth, holistic feedback loop that bridges internal silos.

Lean+Agile DC 2019 will focus on shifting up to drive executive understanding and sponsorship, shifting left to increase business participation in the delivery cycle, and shifting right to strengthen the feedback loop through the introduction of technical capabilities like DevOps. Sessions will address how to integrate business functions like finance, marketing, HR and sales into a holistically agile culture. We will explore how concepts like flow, flexibility, focus and feedback can form the basis for effective scaled business governance while avoiding suboptimization and loss of autonomy. Take the next step in your lean and agile journey and get everyone involved!


2019 Speakers /

Arlen Bankston

Executive VP and Managing Partner, LitheSpeed

Cindy Casebolt

Director, PMO, CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society

Jeffery Payne

CEO and Founder, Coveros

Valerio Zanini

CEO, Agile & Product Trainer, 5D Vision

Darren Hoevel

President & Agile Coach at Pliant Solutions

Jessica Hall

Vice President, Product Strategy & Design at 3Pillar Global

Tom Stiehm

CTO, Coveros, Inc.

Padmini Nidumolu

Lean | Agile Coach, Fannie Mae

Bryan Miles

Individual and Team Coach/Trainer/Leadership Development at Pliant Solutions

Lavakumar Chaturvedula

Scrum Master & Agile Coach, CapTech Consulting

Lisa Mabli

Consultant & Agile Coach

Mark Hill

Agile Delivery Leader - Business Agility and Leadership Consultant, Eliassen Group

Roland Cuellar

VP of Digital Transformation, LitheSpeed

Bob Payne

Senior Vice President of Transformation and Coaching, LitheSpeed

Debbie Levitt

CEO, Ptype UX Agency

Glenn Buckholz

Technical Manager, Coveros

Rachel Bradstock

Program Management Director, AmTote International

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Center for Innovative Technology

2214 Rock Hill Road
Suite 600
Herndon VA, 20170

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