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September 27, 2023

Valo Park

7950 Jones Branch Dr, 

McLean, VA 22102 

Sustainable Business Agility

Agile teams are capable of great things, and agile organizations can be so much more:

  • Have you ever wondered how much further you could go if your executives really understood and embraced their role in driving agility?
  • What if you could get customer feedback on your products within hours of developing them instead of waiting for weeks or even months?
  • Have you seen your IT delivery cycle outstrip the speed of your business partners?

You’re not alone; many companies are facing these challenges. Most of them spring from failing to create smooth, end to end flow of customer value across internal silos.

Lean + Agile DC 2023 will exlpre shifting up to drive executive understanding and sponsorship, shifting left to increase business participation in the delivery cycle, and shifting right to strengthn the feedback loop through the introduction of technical capabilities like DevOps.

Sessions will address how to integrate business functions like finance, marketing, HR and sales into a holistically agile culture. We will explore how concepts like flow, flexibility, focus and feedback can form the basis for effective and sustainable business agility.

Take the next step in your lean and agile journey and get everyone involved!


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We’re a group of change agents, leaders, managers and “intrapreneurs” who want to learn, share or teach how to apply Business Agility across the Enterprise.

Our focus is on adopting Lean and Agile techniques within larger organizations to drive business agility.

Let’s connect to collectively drive Business Agility through the application of Agile, Scaled Agile, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, and Agile managerial disciplines.

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